Breast Augmentation Description and Procedure

Breast Augmentation is also known as augmentation Mammoplasty, Breast Lift and Breast Implant, is a procedure of giving shape to breast or to restore the breast volume lost in result of pregnancy and weight reduction. In other words a woman can remove the defects present in her breast by enhancing the form, feel and shape of her breast through this surgery.

There are three types of breast implant or augmentation for the aesthetic increment in the feel, form and size of a breast all over the world.

1- Saline Implant
2- Silicone Implant
3- Alternative Composite Implant

Saline Breast Implant

The breast implant is done with biological concentrated salt water known as Saline Solution which was first manufactured by a France Company named as “Laboratories Arion” in 1964. The current models of Saline Breast have thicker Silicon Elastomer shells of RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized). This method is good enough to give breast a nice form, perfect shape and natural feel.

Silicon Breast Implant

This is a modern method of breast implant and was first invented by Frank Gerow and Thomas Croninin 1961 those were American Plastic Surgeons. Till now there are five generations of the silicon breast implant have been introduced and each generation is distinct by its general techniques of model manufacturing.
i- This first generation model was a envelop shell of silicon rubber which has a shape like a tear drop. This shell is filled up with thick silicone gel. A Fastener-Patch which is made up of Dacron Material, is fixed near the back shall of breast implant in order to reduce or avoid rotation of emplaced breast implant model upon the wall of chest.

ii- In second generation model, it has thinner shell, less silicone gel stuffing which automatically enhanced the results (form, feel and size) and functions of silicon breast implant. But there is a problem with this generation models as they have thinner walls which lead to easy rupturing of breast shells and the silicone gel breast in the shell leaked out.

iii- In third and fourth generation models, they have much better design and manufacturing technology. They have better shells coated with elastomer which carry viscous filler gel in it and also have very less rate of filler leakage. Moreover the manufacturer fabricated and designed ranges of shaped and anatomic models that practically matched with the body and breast of the patient. In case of shaped models breast implant, a patient has less rotation of emplaced breast implant and also has uniformly textured surface of her breast. These shaped models are accessible in textured as well as smooth surface.
iv- The most advanced and latest fifth generation models of breast implants almost eliminated the filler leakage as they are made up of semi solid gel. These models for breast implant increases the medical safety by reducing the rate of shell rupturing because when the shell rupture the silicon can easily move from breast to elsewhere in the patient’s body.

Alternative Composite Implant

In this method the breast shells are filled up with miscellaneous substances like polypropylene string and soy oil but their manufacturing has been stopped means they are no longer manufactured and this method is not longer valid for breast implant.
Talking about the breast augmentation demographics, in women this surgery is considered as the second most common surgery in the sector of cosmetic surgical procedure. An analysis shows that an average breast augmentation costs 3500 dollars to 3800 dollars included the implant material and surgeon fee. Saline breast implant is cheaper than the silicon breast implantation.

Breast Augmentation Description and Procedure
Breast Augmentation Description and Procedure


Breast Augmentation Description and Procedure