Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

Carol Burnett is a senior actress who has worked as a dancer, writer, singer, comedian and actress. In all of these fields, she has made her place through her unique qualities and work. She had never thought that she would become a comedian and actress, as she did not have the face of a Hollywood celebrity, but her fate dragged her into entertainment world where she emerged as a successful actress. She is best known for The Carol Burnett Show which appeared on CBS television for whole eleven years till 1978. The show was a superb hit which entertained millions of fans for many years. The same show was started again in the 90s, but it failed to get the same reaction from public this time, hence the management had to stop this production.

The lady was born in 1933 in America. She is rumored to having used Botox and other injections like Collagen and Restylane which help her maintain her look. She is an old lady now and there are lots of lines and wrinkles on her face which cannot be eliminated whatever she uses.

About her childhood, she once said that she was not a charming child in childhood and therefore was a shy and less speaking girl who would always remain quiet. Her mother used to tell her that she would become a writer and she had severely opposed her when she showed the desire of joining the entertainment world.

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery


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