Sofia Milos Biography

Sofia Milos born to an Italian father and a Greek mother on September 27, 1969 in Switzerland. Sofia Milos, the Italian/Greek actress, spent the first few years of her life in her native country Switzerland before moving to Rome.

In studies, her majors were Business and Economics. She started modeling and designing women’s clothes in her last ten years and won not only on a local level but also on the national level in beauty contests. Before entering the media industry, she made her foundations strong in the field of acting and thus studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse under her mentor Milton Katselas.

She made her mark in the TV show CSI: Miami, which she worked in for three full seasons and reappeared in its season five and six as a Colombian detective. She also performed in the motion pictures Passionate and The Sopranos.

A step back in Milos’ career came when she was considered unsuitable for a role of a female detective in the long going German drama Tatort of Nathalie Wapper, Head of Culture for the Swiss TV and director Markus Imboden.

She has command over English, Italian, German and French, and can speak Greek and Spanish at the basic level.She along with her TV and cinema work loves cooking and painting women and faces. She thinks women are beautiful, intelligent and full of potentials and strength and when acting, she communicates their hearts and culture through her passion and eyes.

Milos wishes to be a director in her future life for the reason that it would be fun and a satisfaction to give good guidance to an actor.

Sofia Milos Biography


Sofia Milos Biography